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Border Reiver map

Border Reiver map

Prints of a handcrafted map of the Border Reiver families are now available through www.borderart.com. A copy was recently delivered to the Clan museum in Newcastleton, Scotland for people in the area to view. The name “Elliot” is prominently featured on the map.

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Pewter model of a border reiver

The Reivers and Their Way of Life

The necessary allegiance to family and the constant state of war and turmoil along the Border shaped the everyday lives of the people. Living depended largely on livestock rather than crops, and their agricultural system followed a regular pattern. Raiding took place all year round, but it was more popular from autumn to spring when […]

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Border Reivers Exhibition

TULLIE HOUSE MUSEUM, Carlisle 1st April 2011. Speech made by Margaret Eliott launching the new Reivers Exhibition. Ladies & Gentleman I am an Eliott. The 29th Chief of the Elliots to be exact and you have been kind enough to invite me here to Carlisle. I have a feeling that in the 15th & 16th […]

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