Society Constitution

  1. The Society shall be called “THE ELLIOT CLAN SOCIETY”
  2. The objects of the Society shall be:
    1. The promotion of a spirit of kin and fellowship within the Clan.
    2. The collection and preservation of the history and traditions of the Clan Elliot and its Branches.
    3. To compile and maintain a roll of Clan Members.
    4. The correlation and indexing of Clan Genealogies.
    5. The establishment of a Clan Room for the exhibition of items of interest to Members.
  3. The Headquarters of the Society shall be at Redheugh, Newcastleton, Roxburghshire or at such other permanent premises in Scotland associated with the Clan as the Council shall determine.
  4. Membership of the Society and the right to the Clan Badge and the Elliot tartan is limited to the following:
    1. Those with the surname of Elliot, Eliott or Elliott (Eliot where the Scottish connection is established).
    2. Those with connections by blood or marriage up to two generations. (e.g. grandmother.)
    3. As it is not customary in Scotland to extend a connection beyond two generations through the female line, special permission for Membership must be from the Chief of a Chief’s overseas representative. (i.e. the recognised head of an overseas branch of the Elliot Clan Society.)
  5. An Executive Committee shall be appointed by the Clan Council to be responsible for the general administration of the Society. The Committee shall consist of not less than four members or more than twelve and shall include a Secretary and a Treasurer. Any member of the Clan Council may be appointed to serve on the Executive Committee.
  6. Trustees shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Clan Council to hold all the funds and possessions of the Society. They shall usually be not less than two nor more than four in number.
  7. Payments of a routine nature in accord with the objects of the Society and monies of a capital nature such as general donations and legacies shall all be handled by the Treasurer who will be responsible to the Executive Committee for keeping proper accounts related thereto. Approval from the donors will be sought for any purchase made with monies of a capital nature.
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