National Executive

President: Catherine Elliot Shaw
Treasurer/Membership Secretary: John D. Shaw
Newsletter Editor: Andrew Patton
Genealogist: Brian A. Elliott

Chapter Chairs

British Columbia: Vacant
Manitoba: John Peach
New Brunswick: C. Dale Elliott
Nova Scotia: Vacant
Ontario Central: Paul E. J. Elliot
Ontario East/Quebec West: Bob Elliott
Ontario West: Allan and Carole Nickels
Saskatchewan: Vacant


Past issues of newsletters are available to members in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.


Individuals joining the Society will receive newsletters, have the opportunity to attend Clan functions and meet other Elliots with similar interests in the Clan and Elliot heritage.
Membership year is from November 1 to October 31, and includes membership in both your regional branch and Scotland. If joining during the year you only pay for remaining months pro-rated.

Membership application form [.pdf]

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