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Site Upgrade

Since its early beginnings in 1996, the Elliot Clan Society website has undergone a few different overhauls. The latest overhaul was a major upgrade, migrating content into a new content management system which will allow for more dynamic features, easier content maintenance and more timely news. There are also some new social features that have […]

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Chief Margaret’s address to the Clans

The 2009 International Gathering of the Clans gave people the opportunity to visit with many different clans. As chief of Clan Elliot, Margaret Eliott stood out at the great Gathering of the clans in Edinburgh as one of only seven lady chiefs in attendance, and gave the following speech to her kin.

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In Ancient Times…

The Elliots were one of the most active, most powerful and most notorious of the Scottish Border clans. These days, Elliots can be found in almost every country in the world; we’ve also become a little less rambunctious. Travel this website to learn more about the Elliots and their colourful past.

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